The Inclusive Growth Score™

Empowering communities with data-driven insights

The Inclusive Growth Score (IGS) provides local planners, policymakers, community leaders and impact investors with a clear, simple view of social and economic indicators at the neighborhood level.

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The Inclusive Growth Score™ tool offers an interactive way to visualize economic and social health at a hyper-local level.

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Data-driven insights to measure and track inclusive growth

IGS blends open-source and proprietary data with a layer of insights based on Mastercard's highly aggregated and anonymised transaction data. Yearly measures related to Place, Economy, and Community provide a comparative social and economic profile of a neighborhoods through an overall score and specific metrics. Each measure is classified as either Inclusion, indicating level of access to key resources and assets, or Growth, indicating level of change in performance over time. IGS provides accessible insights for place-based economic development.

"As we build a future that lifts everyone up, we have a responsibility to ensure all communities benefit from data-driven innovation, while rigorously protecting consumer privacy and security."

Michael Miebach

Michael Miebach

President and CEO, Mastercard

How it Works

  • Search for a community

    Explore all census tracts in the U.S. and all postcode sectors in the U.K.

  • Discover a community's Inclusive Growth Score

    Deep dive into specific metrics and their rankings

  • Compare communities and benchmark results

    Choose which geographies to calculate the ranking against

  • Save, download and export insights

    Easily access, export, and share comprehensive PDF and Excel reports

Who Benefits

  • Local governments

    Gain valuable economic and inclusion insights about your city, compare neighboring communities, and observe your city’s growth over time

  • Nonprofits/CDFIs

    Understand the areas where you operate, prioritize service delivery to maximize your impact, use data to support grant applications

  • Impact investors

    Easily identify opportunities for revitalization and quantify the success of your investments over time

  • Planners & policymakers

    Use data to drive planning activities and better design policies to fit the needs of your communities

2023 U.S. IGS™ Report

We explored the evolution of census tracts from 2017 to 2022 in our latest report, 'Growing together: Measuring inclusive growth in U.S. communities and cities'

Available Geographies

Exploring census tract-level inclusive growth

The Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth initially launched the Inclusive Growth Score in the U.S. with the intent of addressing the Opportunity Zone policy of 2017. The tool quickly grew to cover all census tracts in the U.S., with expanded applications including investments, grant applications, data enhancement, and much more.

Exploring postcode sector-level inclusive growth

International expansion of the IGS began in the U.K. with a focus on digital and financial inclusion, as well as centralizing disparate data across the four nations: England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The tool was created in collaboration with the Inclusive Economy Partnership, Good Things Foundation, Co-Op, and Geolytix.

Exploring inclusive growth at statistical area level 2

The Australian Inclusive Growth Score (AUS IGS) measures social and economic indicators at the Statistical Area Level 2 geography across the country using 21 key metrics from 8 different data sources.

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Data for Good

Better outcomes begin with better inputs

Mastercard leverages the power of data for good. We are committed to increasing the capacity of the public and social sectors to solve systemic problems using real evidence. All insights are developed under Mastercard's deep and longstanding commitment to privacy and data protection, information security, and data responsibility, as reflected in Mastercard's Data Responsibility Principles.

"Every sector, and every company, can play a vital role in leveraging knowledge and information for social impact. If private-sector companies like ours that incentivize a race to the top and value a 'culture of decency' can join together with public- and social-sector organizations, not only can we respond with speed and scale, but we can rebuild our economies for the benefit of everyone."

Shamina Singh

Shamina Singh

Founder & President, Center for Inclusive Growth
Better outcomes begin with better inputs

The (Inclusive Growth Score) tool can help communities like Erie overcome that legwork for the major investors…The score provides a third-party validation of the impact. That's an extremely valuable tool for the social impact investment class.

Matt Wachtler

Matt Wachtler

CEO, Erie Downtown Development Corporation

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